SoundGear is the Official Hearing Protection Partner of Toyota Racing Development and the Toyota Performance Center

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Photo of Adam Tangsrud
Adam Tangsrud,
Upland Hunter

“I've hunted for years and have always wanted quality ear protection. After a season of shooting with SoundGear, I will never go without these. You cannot put a price on your hearing, especially as a hunter.”

Photo of Danyela D’Angelo
Danyela D’Angelo,
Open 3 Gunner

“I don’t know how I shot without my SoundGear! We have 5 senses, and for years I’ve been competing without my sense of hearing. I am a better shooter because I know when my rounds hit home!”

Photo of Steve Osminski
Steve Osminski,
Big Game Hunter

“I was blown away when I found the SoundGear Platinum. You do not want your hearing blocked when a 1200-lb brown bear is sharing the same tangle as you. You want to hear every twig snapping or foot falling. That doesn’t happen with foam ear plugs.”

Photo of Bill McGuire
Bill McGuire,
Two-time Sporting Clays World Champion

“I want to stay in the game for as long as I can and that means protecting my hearing. SoundGear delivers top-of-the-line sound quality, protection and comfort.”

Photo of Wade Shoemaker
Wade Shoemaker,
Waterfowl Hunter/Photographer

“Growing up, the idea of ‘protecting my ears’ wasn’t even whispered about. It wasn’t until a good friend explained to me that hearing loss never heals. Thanks to him I’ve been wearing custom SoundGear products for three years. My experience in the field is better and my worry about hearing loss is over.”

Photo of Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson,
USPSA, 3-Gun, SASS, Winner of state, region, national and world titles

“As a professional shooter and firearms instructor, it's common for me to be on the range either shooting or teaching every day of the week. Having comfortable ear protection that still allows me to communicate is a huge deal, and SoundGear's custom ear protection is the best solution I've used.”