SoundGear represents the latest advancements in hearing protection and enhancement products. SoundGear’s unique technology enhances external sounds to provide situational awareness and directionality, while still protecting your hearing.

A hand holding a phone displaying the soundcheck live app, which is displaying the noise levels of the car race going on in the background

SoundGear products are manufactured by Starkey, a global leader in hearing technology and premier provider in hearing health care headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. As the only privately held, American-owned company in the industry, we pride ourselves on making hearing solutions that deliver uncompromising performance at exceptional value. At Starkey, better hearing is not just our mission, better hearing is who we are.

A solution for every environment

SoundGear hearing protection and enhancement products are ideal for safe listening in loud environments including hunting, racing, competitive shooting, motorsports, law enforcement, construction, industry, concerts, farming, and much more.