All gain, no pain


Active vs passive hearing protection

Silence is golden when you’re trying to sleep. Most other times, it’s best to hear your surroundings.

A side view of a man wearing active hearing protection

Active hearing protection uses advanced digital technology to enhance the sounds around you so you can be present and attentive, while that same digital technology automatically suppresses—or attenuates—loud noises that are dangerous to your hearing.

A side view of a man wearing passive hearing protection

Passive hearing protection—like foam earplugs or non-electrical earmuffs—simply blocks noise from entering your ear canal. It does not provide situational awareness.

How to know whether to choose active or passive hearing protection?

If communication is important or you desire to still hear and be alert to your surroundings, active hearing protection is the smart choice. You can wear it all activity long (no need to take on or off when someone is talking to you) and enjoy the best of both worlds: high-fidelity hearing when you want it, and reliable hearing protection when you need it.

If you don’t need to communicate while wearing hearing protection, passive products are an economical choice.


A chart comparing active and passive hearing protection

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