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A hand holding a phone displaying the soundcheck live app, which is displaying the noise levels of the car race going on in the background

Awareness is the first step toward protecting your hearing from noise exposure. With SoundCheck Live, you can measure sound levels and learn about noise and hearing protection—all from the palm of your hand.


Find out if noise around you is safe or harmful to your hearing using the SoundCheck Live sound level meter. It monitors sound and shows the current, average, and maximum noise levels in decibels. Updating in real time, the sound level meter also informs you if sound levels are OK, loud, or require hearing protection.


Learn about environmental noise and how it may impact your hearing. SoundCheck Live gives you a snapshot of sound levels, common sounds for each level, and how long before it can impact your hearing. Whether you’re attending a live event or using power tools, you’ll know if your hearing is safe or if you should wear protection.


The more you know, the better you can protect your hearing: Go in-depth on what noise is and the types of hearing damage extreme noise can cause. Learn ways you can safeguard your hearing—everything from noise protection devices to limiting your exposure.

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