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“SoundGear's custom ear protection is the best solution I've used.”

Brian Nelson
Practical Shooter

Photo of Rich Wolfe
“SoundGear provides me with an advantage by allowing me to hear everything in the environment of shooting competitions.”

Rich Wolfe
World Champion

Photo of Wade Shoemaker “I’ve been wearing custom SoundGear products for three years. My experience in the field is better and my worry about hearing loss is over.”

Wade Shoemaker
Waterfowl Hunter/Photographer

“I absolutely love my SoundGear. My only regret is not rewarding myself with these earlier!”

Christian Sailer
USPSA Champion

Photo of Adam Tangsrud  “After a season of shooting with SoundGear, I will never go without these. You cannot put a price on your hearing, especially as a hunter.”

Adam Tangsrud
Upland Hunter

“I cannot imagine doing anything with louder noises without my SoundGear.”

Jalise & Justine Williams
Practical Shooters

Photo of Jalise and Justine Williams with their trophys
“I don't know how I shot without my SoundGear!”

Danyela D'Angelo
Competition Shooter